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Basketball Play - CAVS 13 Duck-In ATO

CAVS 13 Duck-In ATO

Craig LeVasseur 04/22/2015

Here is a simple but effective ATO play that Cleveland ran against Boston. It's a 1-3 high pick and pop with James Jones and Kyrie Irving, and the pin down action for 3 to start the play puts x3 in a trailing position and unable to make a hard hedge against Irving. As 1 throws back to an open Jones, 5 ducks in and occupies his defender, forcing x2 to rotate and leaving J.R. Smith wide open for a corner 3. See More

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Basketball Play - Drag


Andrew Lacey 04/21/2015

With the growing amount of teams using the ball screen in today's game; we decided to implement a couple simple quick ball screen actions that were not apart of our basic ball screen movements. The Ball screen is one of the toughest actions to guard in today's game. We have found it easy to get a get quality look in the lane off our ball screen sets. I discussed in my article published in the Winning Hoops Magazine (Sept./Oct. Edition) -"Using Ball Screens in your Motion Offense" that we generally use our ball screen actions after we get the defense moving. See More

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