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Basketball Play - Trojan


Randy Brown 05/07/2014

2 and 3 start the action by swinging the wings. 1 enters to 3 as 2 uses 4-5 stagger to get open along right baseline. Ball is reversed to 1 and 3 cuts through lane using 4-5 to get open on left wing for shot or post pass to 5. See More

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Basketball Play - Ball-Ball


Randy Brown 05/07/2014

Two consecutive on ball screens are featured in this play. 2 gets open on top and immediately drives left using on ball screen by 4. 3 slides for open three opportunity. When ball is reversed to 1, he immediately drives to open side off 5's on ball screen. This is a great isolation play for 1. See More

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Basketball Play - Point Choice

Point Choice

Randy Brown 05/07/2014

Great set play for a scoring point guard. After entry pass, 1 cuts to the basket as ball is reversed to 5. 2-4 set up double on right side and 3 provides single screen on left side. Point has choice of cut. If 1 comes out on right side, 4 has post up opportunity also. See More

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Basketball Play - Hoosier Weave

Hoosier Weave

Randy Brown 05/06/2014

This play uses the weave and on ball action to put maximum pressure on the defense. Two hand offs set up a 5-3 on ball screen. Three options: 1. Drive to basket, 2. Pitch to 1 spotting up for a three, 3. Post pass to 4 stepping in. See More

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Basketball Play - Wheel


Randy Brown 05/05/2014

The wheel action has a long and successful past. This play uses the wheel cut to set up a double screen for 4 coming to the top. On 4's catch, 1 cuts behind 5 to left wing for open shot followed by 4's down screen on 3. See More

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