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Basketball Play - 1-4 Rip

1-4 Rip

Randy Brown 03/20/2014

Simple but effective play out of the 1-4 high set. 1, 3, and 4 are decoys in this play to isolate 2 and 5. The objective is for 2 to use the on ball screen to drive deep in the paint to score or bounce to 5 rolling to the hoop. See More

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Basketball Play - Pin Reject

Pin Reject

John Leonzo 03/17/2014

Here is an ATO set that the Hawks have run after Korver hits a couple shots. They act as if they are going to pin down for him to pop and get a shot, but the cutter rejects the screen and flares the screener for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Thunder


Randall Edens 03/16/2014

Here's a set we have gotten a lot of mileage out of and run for different players, from different positions where we feel we have advantages and on both sides of the floor. Furthermore, it can get 3 great looks at any point in the game based on what you are looking for with regards to situation and score. Can also adapt slightly and run as a Zipper Set SLOB and net the same looks. See More

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Basketball Play - Scissors


Randall Edens 03/09/2014

March Madness is here! With the number of tournaments taking place in the month of March, here's a great chance to add to your library some quick hits for that critical score. That will be my focus of sharing is for that purpose to add an opportunity for a quick score. See More

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Basketball Play - Fist


Randall Edens 03/08/2014

Another Quick Hit for those immersed in March Madness and want to add a little wrinkle to their playbooks for the stretch run. Great set we like that if it doesn't prove to be fruitful will take us to our continuity offense we run. See More

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