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Basketball Play - Horns Elevator

Horns Elevator

Kyle Gilreath 12/04/2013

Last night in their buzzer beating loss to the UCONN Huskies, the Florida Gators ran this elevator play to revive their offense in the 2nd half. This is a play that ESPN Analyst Seth Greenberg talked about during the broadcast, breaking down the elevator screen. I drew the 5-1 pick in grey because it does not have to be added but is a nice tweak. In the event you need a 2 in this situation, a quick slip from 5 is also a nice option after setting the screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Stack Loop

Stack Loop

Kyle Gilreath 11/01/2013

Last night at the end of regulation versus the Orlando Magic, Rick Adelman drew up this play to get Kevin Love a 3-pointer to force overtime. This play is very simple and effective to run. However, what made it even more effective was that X4 never even moved (which I didn’t understand) and led to an uncontested 3-pointer. See More

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Basketball Play - Box Side Elevator SLOB

Box Side Elevator SLOB

Adam Spinella 09/04/2013

The Portland TrailBlazers coach Terry Stotts drew up this end game SLOB for a Blazers game winner. Needing a three pointer in a catch and shoot situation, Box Side Elevator starts in a box formation with the shooter on the opposite block. Watch the weird spacing on this play and how awkward it becomes for the defenders to hedge on the elevator screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Double


Alan Peel 09/03/2013

Double is a variation of Comeback. Instead of going back to the ball-side corner, this play will involve an elevator screen to get a three-point shot for #3. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - Strong Back Elevator

Strong Back Elevator

Adam Spinella 07/31/2013

This is a play used last season by the Washington Wizards under coach Randy Wittman. The Wizards would try to get an open three pointer for Bradley Beal or Martell Webster, who they start in the corner out of a Horns formation. You'll see the defense pay a lot of attention to John Wall on this play as well; it's one of the few occasions he's been utilized as a screener and this is a good example of how it can be effective for the best player on a team to be the screener - it sets up openings for others. See More

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Basketball Play - Loop Elevator

Loop Elevator

Adam Spinella 07/26/2013

This play was taken from Mark Jackson and the Golden State Warriors. With the three elite three-point shooters that the Warriors had, Jackson would use this play to free one of them up at a time, bringing them off an elevator screen to the top of the key. The set does a good job disguising which player will be the shooter. See More

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Basketball Play - Re-Flex Double

Re-Flex Double

Adam Spinella 07/23/2013

Monty Williams uses this play to get Ryan Anderson, a stretch 4, a three point opportunity coming off an elevator screen. They fake posting Anderson on the block and then dart him up through an elevator/ off a double screen to hit the open trey. See More

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Basketball Play - Atlanta Cross Double

Atlanta Cross Double

Daniel Murphy 06/28/2013

The Atlanta Dream ran this set a couple times in their 78-77 win over the CT Sun 6/23. After the cross screen 2 would come off a double or elevator. You can move your personel around to get them the ball in different spots by starting with a small on big cross screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Back Reverse

Back Reverse

John Leonzo 06/21/2013

Here is a set play that Bucknell ran in the NCAA tournament this year against Butler. This is a counter to a similar action that they ran earlier in the same game. In the previous play 2 would cut to the corner opposite the ball and 1 would hit 3 on the wing for an ISO. In this counter 2 stops his cut under the basket and pops to the top of the key for a catch and shoot opportunity. This is an effective set when coupled with the previously described play. This is a great misdirection quick hitter! See More

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Basketball Play - Vegas


Randy Brown 05/05/2013

This can be run as a play to end the half, game, or to get an open three anytime. 1 makes UCLA cut to the basket. He stops inside the block and cuts up the middle of the floor to catch and shoot a three. 3 and 5 set double screens and "close the door" and free him for a shot. Give it a try! See More

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