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Basketball Play - Rhody Elevator

Rhody Elevator

Kyle Gilreath 12/03/2014

This Rhody option is one to run as a quick hitter in a Need 3 situation. Once again it is essential that 2 cuts shoulder to shoulder off the screens from 5 and 4 to encourage X5 and X4 to become occupied with the cut that they do not see the elevator action coming. Furthermore, if X5 sniffs out the play and tries to deny the pass to 3, slip 5 to the rim for a lay-up (If you don't need a 3 pointer). See More

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Basketball Play - Need 3 SLOB

Need 3 SLOB

Kyle Gilreath 10/01/2013

Mike Woodson drew up this SLOB Need 3 action when he was the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks. While it is possible for 1 to be open on the first set of screens, do to help 3 is more than likely the option that will be open for a catch & shoot. See More

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Basketball Play - Power


John Leonzo 05/18/2013

Here is a set that has been used effectively by Butler University over the past few seasons. The concept of this play is similar to Americas play, just in this set there is a stagger back screen set for the post as opposed to a simple cross lane screen. This has been a great set for Butler and hopefully you can find it to be effective as well! See More

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