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Basketball Play - Army STS

Army STS

Kyle Brown 01/31/2013

A set that I saw Army run against Navy last week. The 2 man has to set it up like he is just cutting through on the normal shuffle action and then recieves the screen from 3. Army finished with the down screen, but the elevator option would also work. See More

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Basketball Play - "Diagonal Pop"

"Diagonal Pop"

Kyle Brown 12/03/2012

1 set and a counter to that set from Kevin Stallings. Diagonal is the base action and is a STS play for a shooter or a post up. At the clinic Stallings made a big point of having the guard screen above the FT line. The counter to the play is "Diagonal Pop" which is an elevator action for the shooter. See More

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Basketball Play - Pinch-Double for Best Shooter

Pinch-Double for Best Shooter

Luke Riegel 09/20/2012

This half-court set is a great play if you need a 3-pointer at the end of a game or out of a timeout. The pinch-double screen is a great way to free up your best shooter because its screening action that a lot of defenses don't prepare for regularly. It's important that your 4 and 5 come together shoulder to shoulder along the FT line. See More

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