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Basketball Play - Miami Sprint Slip Stagger

Miami Sprint Slip Stagger

Kevin Bruinsma 07/21/2013

Another set started by a sprint screen from the Miami Heat as 1 sprints off 4's screen to set a ball screen on #6 Lebron James who is playing the 5 at this time. The 1 slips it and pops to the wing as #34 Ray Allen sprints off a stagger screen. #3 Dwayne Wade after setting the first screen opens right back up to the ball looking for a lob or pass. He gets a basket out of this in the NBA Finals. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Post Iso

Miami Post Iso

Kevin Bruinsma 07/19/2013

One of the few plays not for #6 Lebron James that the Miami Heat utilized to get #1 Chris Bosh a post iso. Using him as a screener to free up #34 Ray Allen and then clearing #3 Dwayne Wade out as a decoy every single Miami player was outside the 3 point arc leaving the lob to #1 Bosh wide open. See More

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Basketball Play - "Horns Down"

"Horns Down"

Kyle Gilreath 07/09/2013

The Orlando Magic ran this simultaneous pin down action yesterday out of the horns set. This is a very simple play to put into your system that gives you multiple scoring options. Options: 1. While 4 help defenders are occupied with the pindowns 1 has the option to take his man on the dribble to the rim or pull-up jumper. 2. Hit 2 or 3 on the pop or curl for a shot. 3. If 2 or 3 do not make a scoring play, have the big set a side or step-up pick & roll for them. 4. If X4 or X5 over help on the pin down, slip your bigs to the rim for a lob. 5. Have 2 and 3 come off the pindowns and set up in a horns set for pick & roll options for 1. See More

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Basketball Play - Schrempf Shooting

Schrempf Shooting

Daniel Murphy 05/29/2013

Saw Detlef Schrempf demo this on Youtube. It's one of my favorite shooting drills near the basket because it requires good footwork. If a player knows how to position their body and use their feet to set up a drop step, hook, and up and under they should be able to score near the basket. After catching and drop stepping, player 1 continues curling around the cone and catching a pass. The next shot is a catch and shoot hook. The third shot is and up and under. The fourth shot is if a player is denied a pass in the post they spins away from the defense for the lob pass. After getting the footwork down without defense then dummy defense should be applied. The defense should over play to allow the offense player to get a feel for the reads. As an offensive players skill and comfort level increases with the dummy defense, then the defense should increase their intensity. See More

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Basketball Play - 15 Again

15 Again

Kyle Gilreath 03/14/2013

I have been waiting for two years to get a chance to check out Larry Shyatt's Wyoming Cowboys squad. Last night it took some searching on my cable box but I finally found their game versus the Lobos of New Mexico. The Cowboys fought hard all game to attempt an upset but the Lobos were just too much. New Mexico ran this nice half-court action very well to get an easy bucket down low with a throwback to 5. See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC: Zone Set #1

3FTC: Zone Set #1

Greg White 08/12/2012

This is a fun set to install. The players will love it and you'll love the result. We use a pass I first saw late one night watching FIBA basketball on NBATV. Think Manu Ginobili type play. Your player passing will sprint to the baseline, jump out of bounds and complete a cross court pass. I like this pass because if the defense tips it you get to run a BLOB (see my other posts) and most defenders, mine included are going to stop at the baseline. If they don't, again, hit them and its a BLOB opportunity. Drill included See More

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