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Basketball Play - Utah Handoff Curl-Slip

Utah Handoff Curl-Slip

Adam Spinella 07/19/2013

This Sideline out of Bounds play was run by the Utah Jazz under the leadership of Jerry Sloan. Sloan used a handoff/ downscreen curl simultaneously to get the ball into a cutting big man, who would usually get to the free throw line as a result of this play. There are many options for a layup or a shot in a very brief amount of action; all around one of the better side-out plays I've seen. See More

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Basketball Play - Quick Side EOG

Quick Side EOG

Kyle Gilreath 07/10/2013

With .6 seconds left during game 3 of the NBA Summer League, the Brooklyn Nets ran this sideline out of bounds play to try and win the 4th quarter and secure a point. Considering the lights went out previous to this play, the Nets did a great job executing this play and hit a 3-pointer. Unfortunately, time expired before the shot got off. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs Late Clock 3/4 Court

Spurs Late Clock 3/4 Court

Kevin Bruinsma 07/04/2013

Here is the set the San Antonio Spurs ran in Game 5 against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. Having only 5 seconds to go 3/4 court on the sideline the Spurs went with a small line up. They put #9 Tony Parker at midcourt, and had #14 Gary Neal run off him first, and then #20 Manu Ginobili. With him setting two screens he was able to pop back to the ball and have a full court iso. See More

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Basketball Play - Box


Kyle Gilreath 07/03/2013

This is an excellent sideline out of bounds misdirection that I put in towards the end of the season last year with my Junior Varsity team. If 2 does a great job selling like he wants to pass to 1, and 4 sets a great screen, there is a good chance 3 will be open for a quick score! See More

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