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Basketball Play - Granger Sts Iso

Granger Sts Iso

Adam Spinella 08/23/2013

Instead of "over-coaching" and getting difficult looks for your players at the rim, you can now relax and draw forth the following plays to get your best players in isolation at the end of a game. In isolation sets, all the work by the coach is done before the player gets the ball. From there, it's up to the superstar to make a great one-on-one play. Danny Granger hit the game winner off this isolation set, drawn up by Frank Vogel out of a Box formation. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper Go Back

Zipper Go Back

Adam Spinella 08/22/2013

The Dallas Mavericks used the same "curl" structure when trying to get a lob for Shawn Marion. Coaches simply run the player they want to lob off a downscreen, then have him curl back around towards the rim - and Rick Carlisle did this at the end of a preseason game. This particular of play is called "Zipper Go Back". See More

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Basketball Play - 08 Nets Stack

08 Nets Stack

Adam Spinella 08/21/2013

In 2008 against his former team the Raptors, Vince Carter hit a clutch game-tying three pointer. The play was excellently drawn up by Lawrence Frank, which draws attention to every player on the court besides Vince Carter, a good way to get him free. See More

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Basketball Play - 08 Nets Sts Slip Lob

08 Nets Sts Slip Lob

Adam Spinella 08/20/2013

After Carter buried the Raptors and sent the game to OT, he got another chance to win it in the extra frame. Lawrence Frank drew up another lob play for him, once again banking on the defense paying attention to players other than Carter. The misdirection lob play is a staple in SLOB situations, and Carter does a great job selling the screen to set it up. See More

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Basketball Play - 08 Raptors Backdoor Find

08 Raptors Backdoor Find

Adam Spinella 08/20/2013

In 2008, Jay Triano drew this play for a high handoff with Chris Bosh, who would likely pop out and set a ballscreen. Instead, the play worked out so that Bosh's presence with the ball would serve as a decoy for an off-ball player to cut backdoor and receive a pass from the man Bosh pitches the ball to. See More

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Basketball Play - 04 Nets Lob

04 Nets Lob

Adam Spinella 08/19/2013

Richard Jefferson and Jason Collins connected on a fantastic alley oop in a 2004 game to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers. The play, designed to get Richard Jefferson free at the rim, works well because of the amount of attention paid to Jason Kidd as their star player. His ability to serve as a decoy away from the basket was instrumental in freeing up space at the basket and getting Jefferson's man away from him. See More

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Basketball Play - 2010 Suns Rub Fence

2010 Suns Rub Fence

Adam Spinella 08/08/2013

Suns Coach Alvin Gentry ran this as a catch and shoot set against the New Jersey Nets in an end game situation. With only 2 seconds remaining on the clock, Channing Frye, a stretch-4, used a well-set double screen, or fence, from Gortat and Nash to knock down the catch and shoot three. See More

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Basketball Play - Slice Read Option

Slice Read Option

Adam Spinella 07/23/2013

Last season in Cleveland, Byron Scott ran this play so he could get Kyrie coming off a re-screen action and to let Dion Waiters have the chance to work in isolation at the top of the key. When the Cavs would go small and put Wayne Ellington at the 3, defenses would have a tough time chasing their shooters off the perimeter and wrestling in the post against Thompson and Speights. See More

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