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Adding Games to your Schedule on FastRecruit Web

Adding Games to your Schedule on FastRecruit Web

Ok, so the schedule for a tournament you are attending has been posted, and you’re wondering what you should do next. There are two options for this.

Option one​ is to log into the FastRecruit Web online here.​ After logging in, click on the Schedule tab from the top menu bar.

After clicking schedule, you will see two filters (Staff and Date range) that allows you to display only the data you are interested in. The filter on the left, with the grey boxes, is a filter for all of the coaches on your staff. If you’d like to just show the schedule for your staff member with the initials “VB” you could do so by only selecting that coach.


After selecting the coach(es) you want to work on, you can then search to find games and add those games to their schedule. You can do this in one of two ways.

Clicking the “Autofill Schedule” button will automatically add games to the Schedule in which a Recruit and Staff member were assigned to a tournament and in which a Recruit was assigned a team for that specific tournament.

AutoFilling a schedule locks you into following that particular team throughout that specific tournament. Meaning that your schedule (on the web and within the app) will automatically be updated with their future games (as they advance in the tournament).

Option​ two is to find games and add them to the Schedule is by clicking the green “Find Games” button. This will allow you to search by Tournament, Date, Venue, etc. After the results populate, you can put a check next to the game(s) you want to add to the Schedule and ensure that you have the proper coach(es) selected at the bottom, and click “Add to Schedule”.

These specific games will now be on staff members “TU and S@F’s” Schedule tab within FastRecruit Web and can be found on the Schedule tab of FastRecruit Mobile as well.

Adding individual games like this does not mean you are following this team and thus future games played by that team will not show up on your schedule automatically.