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Revolutionizing Youth Hockey: Elite Prospects and FastModel Sports Forge Dynamic Technology Partnership

Elite Prospects and FastModel Sports are excited to unveil a groundbreaking partnership committed to reshaping the youth hockey landscape by providing affordable technology solutions to youth hockey teams and associations to showcase their athletes and help them improve on and off the ice.

This collaboration will pair cutting-edge technology tools from FastModel Sports like FastScout, FastDraw, and ProspectView with the world-leading online Gateway To Hockey – Elite Prospects – making it easy for youth hockey associations and teams to promote and develop their players while enriching the online experience for families, coaches, and fans across the world.

Online Showcase- Elite Prospects

In the last 10 years, we have seen data and video massively disrupt the scouting landscape in the NHL. Teams have changed the way they evaluate prospects, valuing large data sample sizes and video scouting to modernize talent management through new technology. This has led to European players getting drafted at historically high rates.


2013 NHL Draft

6 players in the 1st Round played internationally

18 players in the Top 3 Rounds played internationally

45 players total played internationally


2023 NHL Draft

13 players in the 1st Round played internationally

31 players in the Top 3 Rounds played internationally

76 players total played internationally


NHL teams have used technology to change the way player evaluation works, as such covering every corner of the world much more efficiently. With the development of EP Premium, Elite Prospects offers players an online showcase to help get noticed at all levels of hockey. By uploading and verifying your player data, you can ensure your profile is seen by key decision makers in the hockey industry. For hockey clubs and teams, EP Premium helps ensure maximum online exposure for your players to be on the radar for decision-makers at the next level.


Innovative Technology for Teams & Organizations- FastModel Sports

Leveraging Elite Prospects' comprehensive data, FastModel Sports equips teams and associations with advanced tools for success. These resources support various needs, including player management, development, scouting, recruiting, and both practice and game preparation. FastModel's cutting-edge technology is designed to secure your competitive advantage!


FastModel provides three leading technology solutions for teams of any level:


Through this partnership, Elite Prospects will fuel FastModel Hockey applications with data from all levels of hockey, worldwide. Additionally, the collaboration will introduce special package offerings combining Elite Prospects team subscriptions with access to the FastModel platform.


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Ed Palumbo, Director of Hockey


"Partnering with Elite Prospects, the world's most comprehensive hockey data source, is transformative for hockey teams at every level. This collaboration enhances our FastScout and ProspectView platforms, making professional-grade technology accessible to all—from youth teams like the Pens Elite 13U AAA to the NHL." - Jim Corelis, CEO, FastModel Sports


"Aspiring to be the Gateway To Hockey, partnering with FastModel is a natural step for Elite Prospects. Together, we form a very attractive combination of a publicly accessible online showcase for individual players and teams with an Enterprise tool designed to serve competitive hockey organizations from the youth level and up." Peter Sibner, President, Elite Prospects.


The partnership is already attracting significant attention from competitive youth organizations. Beginning with the upcoming season, the Pittsburgh Penguins Elite youth hockey program will adopt the Elite Prospects and FastModel technologies to enhance their scouting, coaching, and player development operations.


“We are extremely excited to add FastModel Sports & Elite Prospects to our program. We are always seeking out the best software to support our coaches and players and we feel that this product provides that. Having the ability to share video, practice plans and individual player reports across one mobile platform will help us instill our program’s habits and style of play.”

Danny MacKinnon - Executive Director- Hockey Operations, Pens Elite