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FastRecruit FAQ

How Can I get Started with FastRecruit?

A member of your staff was marked as the account administrator and was emailed login information for FastRecruit.  The email perhaps went into the user's Spam or Junk inbox.  After that user logs in, he or she will be able to assign licenses to the rest of the staff.

Why can't I log into the FastRecruit Web?

The most common answer is that your account admin has not yet added you to the Staff / granted you a license for FastRecruit within the FastRecruit Admin Portal.

How do I know what my password is?

If you've ever logged into FastDraw on the iPad or into FastModel's website shopping cart, you will have a password from that.  If you don't know your password or if you have never had a password, you can use the "Forgot Password" link available on the website or on the iOS app, or your account admin can reset your password for you in the Admin Portal. You can also click here.

What is the link for the Admin Portal?

Admin Portal Link:

When will the schedules be available for the tournaments?

Schedules are provided by the tournament operators to FastModel and will be available as soon as we receive them and are able to ingest them into our system.  We are hopeful that this is many days before a tournament begins.

Why isn't a particular tournament covered by FastRecruit?

FastModel strives to cover the most tournaments possible, but it requires commitment from the tournament operators, which is the main reason any given tournament is not included in the FastRecruit platform.

Teams that subscribe to that FastRecruit Team level, have the ability to create their own custom tournaments when FastModel is not able to cover the event. 

What are the differences between FastRecruit and FastRecruit Team Level?

A step above the standard FastRecruit product, FastRecruit Team offers the following:

  • Use of the Mobile Admin feature, that allows users to change other Staff members schedules right from their iPhone. Great for Recruiting Coordinators.
  • Ability to create Custom Tournaments.  Use Custom Tournaments at individual camps or non-FastRecruit partnered events to allow your Staff to continue taking notes, getting directions, and planning their day just like they would at a partnered event.
  • Top priority access to our 24/7 support staff to help you maximize every second of your time.
  • Private training for your staff to help you get setup and ready for your demanding recruiting trips.
  • Direct any questions to