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FastModel Sports Webinar Series

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FastModel Sports has launched a free webinar series for coaching staffs everywhere. Due to the ongoing disruption to everyday athletic operations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, FastModel Sports is delivering this series straight to everyone’s home, free of charge. 


FastScout has been empowering coaches for over a decade to design and implement gameday strategies. Learn more about the product and some exciting use case examples in our Webinar Series: 'Optimizing FastScout for a Remote Team.'         

Learning the Core Functionalities of FastScout

This webinar will go over the core workflows to FastScout. Topics shown are:

  • Navigating My Team and Opponents Tabs
  • Scoutbuilder Tiles and Customizations
  • Creating and Editing Templates
  • Adding Video to Scouts and Plays
  • Sending Scouts, Plays/Playbooks, and Videos to Mobile App
  • Working Offline
  • Presenter Mode
  • Synergy Integration

Empowering Your Players with Content through FastScout

This webinar will focus on integrating video with FastScout and FastDraw and utilizing the mobile app to distribute them. The topics being discussed will be:
  • Synergy Integration with FastScout and FastDraw
  • FastDraw Integration with FastScout
  • FastScout Mobile App
  • Adding Videos to scouts, plays, or to the videos tab

Increasing Productivity in the Offseason with FastScout

In this webinar, we will be going over Self Scouts and other options for offseason workflows. Among the topics discussed:
  • Creating a self scout
  • Examples of offseason workflows
  • Implementing video
  • Practice planning
  • My team and opponent pages overviews 

Upgrading Your Presentations with Advanced Stats from FastScout

We will be discussing the different Advanced Stats that FastScout provides. The topics being discussed are:
  • Individual stats: +/-
  • Shot Charts
  • Lineup Stats 

Customizing Your Content for your Scouting Reports in FastScout

Dive into depth in building your template. In this webinar we will go over:
  • Creating and editing templates
  • Customizing stats
  • Editing the design of your scouts
  • Customizing Personnel
  • Daily workflow tips and tricks 


An engagement platform built within the FastModel Sports family, FastAccess makes it easy to create, record, and send personalized branded video message via text or email. With seven years experience on Women’s Basketball coaching staffs, including being part of the 2018 National Championship at Notre Dame, presenter Erica Williamson, knows all the subtleties of creative communication. 

How to creatively engage with your team, recruits, and donors during COVID19

In this webinar, you’ll walk through creative ways to engage with your team, recruits, and even donors during COVID19 and beyond. Virtual tours, personalized player development clips, or personalized messages from your staff to your most important audiences, Erica will walk you through just how easy creative communication is on FastAccess! 
Go into depth and see the exciting ways that FastRecruit can help organize and simplify the way you recruit. Join us as we help examine some new features and use cases to help you manage your recruiting process during COVID19



Organize & Manage Your Recruit Database with FastRecruit

Dive into the core functionality of FastRecruit with managing your recruit database. Among things to be discussed:
  • Importing Recruits
  • Creating Custom List
  • Taking & Sharing Notes
  • Transfer Watchlist

Utilizing FastRecruit with the Absence of Live Period

In this webinar, we will be discussing some new features that is enhancing recruiting in the absence of the live period. Topics to be discussed are:
  • BallerTV Video Integration
  • Transfer Watchlist
  • Custom Task & Calendar reminders