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Basketball Play - D2 Elevator

D2 Elevator

Timothy Hipps 03/03/2015

This is a play I saw in a NCAA Division II game in January. The game was Mt. Olive and King (Tennessee). My apologies as a I don't remember which team ran the play, but it's great that you can find good, innovative offense everywhere. See More

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Basketball Play - Transition Build Up

Transition Build Up

FastModel Basketball 03/03/2015

Practicing transition offense and defense by nature creates a conditioning drill, but combining that with a 20 second shot clock (which can be lowered as your team gets in better shape and more comfortable with this drill) produces major back and forth action and gets your team running while also working on fundamental skills…and it’s fun too! See More

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Basketball Play - 2 Minute Continuous Lay-Ups

2 Minute Continuous Lay-Ups

FastModel Basketball 03/03/2015

Start by splitting your team into two lines at half court, about 30-40 feet apart. Every player in one of the lines should have a ball. Players are going to be shooting lay-ups at both baskets continuously for 2 minutes. The drill begins at the same time on both baskets. Player 1 passes a cross to Player 7, who passes right back to Player 1 for a lay-up. The player shooing the lay-up is not allowed to dribble, so the pass must be in the correct spot to lead them into their shot. Simultaneously, Player 4 passes a cross to Player 10, who passes right back to Player 4 for a lay-up. Both passers (Players 7 and 10) rebound the lay-ups and dribble to the line on the opposite side of the court (the shooting line). Both lay-up shooters (Player 1 and Player 4) sprint to the line opposite them (the passing line). The drill continues with the next pair of players performing the same give and go motion (Player 2 with Player 8 and Player 5 with Player 11) for lay-up attempts. As the drill progresses, the lines disappear as everyone is forced to be moving to keep the drill alive. See More

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Basketball Play - Waggle


Greg White 02/20/2015

4 screens down for 2. 2 rejects and comes off a waggle cut off 5's screen. 3 uses the pindown screen set by 4 5 "flips" the screen to set up a baseline attack for 2. 1 gets a flare screen from 3 and 4 sets a screen for 3 in the screen the screener action See More

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