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Basketball Play - UC-Irvine Zone 2 Guard

UC-Irvine Zone 2 Guard

Wes Kosel 05/25/2015

1 passes to 2 who passes back to 1 to get the defense moving. 5 moves up from the block to set a screen for 2 at the elbow. At the same time, 3 runs across the baseline to the opposite wing. 1 passes to 2 then moves to the left corner. 4 runs up to set a ball-screen for 2. 2 drives middle looking for a shot. If a shot isn't there, 2 passes to 5 replacing 4. 5 passes to 1 on the wing. 1 looks for a shot or to pass to 5 or 4 in the lane. See More

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Basketball Play - UC-Irvine BLOB Rub

UC-Irvine BLOB Rub

Wes Kosel 05/25/2015

In this BLOB Play, 1 starts with the ball out of bounds and 4 screens for 2 at the opposite elbow. 5 dives down to the low post looking for a quick pass if the defense isn't ready. If 5 isn't open, he steps towards the middle of the lane looking to get in x4's way. 4 rubs off of the screen from 5 and looks for the pass at the block. See More

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Basketball Play - NCAA Playbook By Set

NCAA Playbook By Set

FastModel Basketball 05/02/2010

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