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Basketball Play - Texas Southern 1-4 High Piston Repeat

Texas Southern 1-4 High Piston Repeat

Wes Kosel 08/31/2015

3 and 2 exchange with 3 going below and 2 going above 5 and 4 at the elbows. 2 and 3 then repeat the action with 5 and 4 screening for 3 cutting to the left wing. Once 3 has the ball, 1 screens for 5 who moves straight into a ball-screen for 3. 1 clears to the opposite corner and 4 looks to get position at the high post. See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia Tech Corner Flare

Virginia Tech Corner Flare

Brandon Mullis 08/30/2015

Virginia Tech ran this SLOB set late in the game against Boston College this past season. The shooter was the second man in triple staggered screens/Iverson cut for the wing. The shooter then received a back screen to flare to the corner upon the baseline drive. He was wide open in the corner and knocked down the shot to pull his team within one possession with about 1 minute left to play in regulation. See More

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Basketball Play - Phoenix Suns ATO Box Clear

Phoenix Suns ATO Box Clear

Brandon Mullis 08/29/2015

On April 2, 2015 of this past season, the Phoenix Suns were down one point with 6.8 seconds remaining on the road at the Golden State Warriors. The Suns ran a brilliant ATO SLOB quick hitting set to clear out the weak side and get an open lay-up for Eric Bledsoe. The Warriors did not switch any of the screens. Instead, the Warriors chased/trailed the screens, allowing the weak side to be cleared out and Bledsoe to curl in for the go-ahead lay-up (however, the Warriors would eventually hit a game winning shot at the buzzer). See More

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Basketball Play - Syracuse Horns #1

Syracuse Horns #1

Wes Kosel 08/21/2015

1 dribbles off of a staggered ball-screen from 4 and 5. 4 rolls and 5 sets a down-screen for 3. If 3 doesn't have a shot, 5 sets a ball-screen as 1 sets a pin-down for 2 in the corner. 2 curls around the screen and if he isn't open he continues his cut to the opposite wing. See More

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Basketball Play - Memphis Grizzlies Thru Option

Memphis Grizzlies Thru Option

Craig LeVasseur 05/06/2015

Memphis ran this early offense action in Game 2 versus the Warriors. It features a thru cut by Mike Conley, and several different options branching off. 5 sets a wide pindown for 2 while 1 finishes his thru cut and curls off of 4 on the block. 3 can hit 2 on the pindown, 1 on the thru cut, or 4 sealing for a post up. If none of these options are available, 3 can reverse back to 2 and set up 2-man game with the 5, opening up a whole new set of options. See More

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Basketball Play - Wyoming Cowboys Secondary

Wyoming Cowboys Secondary

Wes Kosel 08/08/2015

1 passes to 2 then cuts around 5 to the opposite corner. 4 follows the pass to screen for 2. At the same time, 5 flashes out to the perimeter. If 2 passes to 5, 3 loops around 5 looking for a hand-off. If 3 isn't open, 5 dribbles towards 1 in the corner and looks to give him the ball on a dribble hand-off. See More

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