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Basketball Play - Miami Hurricanes Horns Hi/Lo Options

Miami Hurricanes Horns Hi/Lo Options

Wes Kosel 03/29/2015

Here are two hi/lo options out of the horns set from Miami. Miami is playing well in the NIT with a chance to advance to the finals with a win over Temple. In these options, the Hurricanes use a horns staggered screen with the point guard dribbling from left to right. In the first option, 4 rolls and 5 sets a pin down for 3 in the corner. Once 3 gets the ball he looks to pass inside to 5 or to 4 flashing high post for a hi/lo look. In the second option, 4 sets a flare-screen for 5 before cutting to the block. If 5 isn't open on the screen, he sets a screen for 3 who gets the ball at the top of the key. 3 again looks at 5 or to 4 flashing high. See More

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