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Basketball Play - Slovenia - HI/LO

Slovenia - HI/LO

Ryan Nguyen 09/21/2017

Misdirection into high low from Slovenia and coach Igor Kokoskov at EuroBasket 2017. 3 & 4 cross high. On 4's catch, 5 screens down for 2. 2 sprints to the top to sell for a catch and shoot, while 5 ducks into his man for a seal. 2 looks inside to 5 for a post up. See More

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Basketball Play - Cone Handle Shots

Cone Handle Shots

Kyle Gilreath 07/24/2013

I love this drill because it works on several components of improvement all at once: Ball Handling: Force your players out of their comfort zone and to dribble lower and quicker each time, that is the only way to improve Footwork: Creating space and finishing with the least amount of dribbles Finishing Through/Over/Around the Defense: This drill consists of a multiple of different types of shots and finishes that are great to add to your players' repertoire. See More

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