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Basketball Play - Horns Twist

Horns Twist

Kyle Gilreath 12/03/2013

Last night in their win over Oklahoma State, the Memphis Tigers ran this post iso action in the 2nd half. One small piece of this play that is very popular is sending the post passer through to the weak side. Many coaches keep their post passer strong side and this allows for an easy dig or double down which disturbs the post isolation. See More

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Basketball Play - Opposite


Alan Peel 11/26/2013

Opposite is a secondary break play that is run when the point guard is forced to the other side of the floor. The end result is a screen-the-screener play that hits quickly and can get your team into your half court offense. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - Billy Donovan Horns Set

Billy Donovan Horns Set

Dana Beszczynski 11/25/2013

The Florida Gators are playing shorthanded right now, but once their line-up is complete, they will be a very exciting team to watch. Head Coach Billy Donovan has a wealth of experience and the way he runs his half court sets demonstrates this. Here is "America's play", a simple Horns action with a STS action at the end setting up either post entry or a possible jump shot. From here, the Gators go right into their Ball Screen Motion which they do a great job of executing. This play was taken from the Gators game against the Wisconsin Badgers during ESPN's 24 hour marathon. See More

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Basketball Play - VCU BLOB Stagger

VCU BLOB Stagger

Dana Beszczynski 11/22/2013

VCU BLOB Stagger vs M2M This is a well designed play run by VCU on the BLOB Guest 23 (C) & Shannon 4 (PF) set a double stagger screen for Johnson 32 (SF) who comes off the screens looking to catch & shoot Shannon 4 (PF) pushes into Guest 23 (C) man as he cuts over the screen either looking for the quick hit off the inbounds pass or an entry pass from Johson 32 (SF) if no shot is available See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia BLOB 1-4 Low

Virginia BLOB 1-4 Low

Dana Beszczynski 11/21/2013

The University of Virginia ran this 1-4 BLOB action against VCU. With the flex screen, the play has a quick hitting action to it off the inbounds pass and the pin down screen-the-screener action gives the shooter a chance to get off an open shot if the defense miscommunicates on the flex cut Here, the PG does a good job reading the defender and gets into the lane off the dribble. See More

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Basketball Play - Wisconsin Transition Post

Wisconsin Transition Post

Dana Beszczynski 11/16/2013

Bo RyanÄs Badgers ran this play out of Transition Good set with a lot of initial movement Cross screen in the lane free's the possible post entry pass from the wing and then the screen-the-screener action gives the possibility for an open jump shot at the top of the key The Badgers are a team with very good 3 pt shooters and their plays utilize such good spacing and screening actions that they get good looks See More

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Basketball Play - Side Quick Twist

Side Quick Twist

Kyle Gilreath 11/09/2013

Last night I tweeted that Doc Rivers is one of the greatest ATO coaches of all time; this play is a big reason why. He drew up this play during a timeout late in the 4th quarter versus the Miami Heat. This play is so effective, yet very simple to run and provides multiple scoring opportunities. As 1 (CP3) received the dribble hand-off from 4 (Griffin), he has 3 main options: 1. Pull-up jumper or attack the rim 2. Drive and force X3 to help and kick out to 3 for a catch & shoot 3. Drive and look to kick out to 2 in the corner if X2 rotates to the lane. See More

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Basketball Play - Pop Back StS

Pop Back StS

Adam Spinella 11/05/2013

This play was run by the New Orleans Pelicans on their home opener against the Indiana Pacers, trying to get the ball to Eric Gordon off a downscreen. The Pelicans have an interesting offense, trying to stretch the floor with their face-up big men, which are plentiful on their roster. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Double

UCLA Double

Kyle Gilreath 11/04/2013

This play the Chicago Bulls ran over the weekend versus the 76ers is a very popular one run in the NBA by multiple teams. Frame 1 is the action that the Bulls ran. However, if you have a shooting 4 or decide to UCLA screen with a big instead of a guard, Frame 2 (OPTION 2) is a great tweak to get another scoring option for one of your shooters. Furthermore, with an explosive point guard like Rose, you can also choose to dribble 2 up and have 2 Hawk cut off the post to get your point guard using the side pick & roll instead. See More

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Basketball Play - ATO Need 3

ATO Need 3

Kyle Gilreath 11/02/2013

Last night the Miami Heat were down 4 versus the Brooklyn Nets at the end of the game and Erik Spoelstra drew up this action to get Lebron James a quick catch & shoot 3-ptr. Lebron made the shot but it wasn’t enough as the Heat fell to the Nets in Brooklyn’s home opener for the season. See More

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Basketball Play - 4 on 4 actions (1 of 3)

4 on 4 actions (1 of 3)

null null 10/31/2013

When we see scout, we try to simulate the opposing teams actions in our defensive breakdown drills. This play has backscreens, and double stagger screens.These are difficult actions to defend when ran correctly. This gives coaches a time to break down these actions in practice. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 on 3 actions (5)

3 on 3 actions (5)

null null 10/30/2013

We use these actions to prepare for teams that use 1-4 High sets. Teams in our area run "butt screens", screen the screener looks with down screens and flare screens. This is a good drill for coaches to specifiy how they want to defend these actions commonly seen in games. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 on 3 actions (4)

3 on 3 actions (4)

null null 10/29/2013

We use this drill to prepare for teams that run the dribble drive to defend some common actions we will see. Teams will run a screen the screener into ball screen, a dribble handoff into a ball screen, and a pitch from guard to guard into a ball screen. Each one of the actions can be difficult to defend, so coaches need to know how to play these. Coaches can double team, switch, go under screens and hand off, the options are up to each coach. See More

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